4x4 Driver and Vehicle Recovery Training

How NOT to recover a 4x4 stuck in mud...!


Roads to Roam offer 4x4 Training that is accredited by TETA (Transport Education Training Authority) against the SAQA Unit Standards for 4x4 Training. The training is also suitable for soft roaders and SUV’s and will give the driver a good idea of their vehicle’s capabilities in off-road conditions.

Why TETA accredited training:
The success of the ban on beach driving and the positive effect it had on the environment has brought the entire off-road industry under the spotlight and it was considered to apply the same complete ban to all off-road driving. In 2005, permission was granted for the off-road industry to develop its own Norms and Standards to which the off-road industry will prescribe, in order to protect our environment. The Norms and Standards are currently in its final stage and with the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) for final approval. Once accepted, the N&S should take affect within 12-24 months.

The N&S requires that in order to operate a vehicle in environmentally sensitive areas the driver of the vehicle should be in possession of a DCC (Driver Competency Certificate). In order to obtain a DCC, the learner must complete the 4x4 training through an accredited training provider that will offer the training based on SAQA Unit Standard 254135: Apply the techniques for operating four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles in on-road and off-road conditions.
The 4x4 Unit Standards:
• SAQA U/S 254135: Apply the techniques for operating four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles in on-road and off-road conditions
• SAQA U/S 254154: Apply advanced techniques for operating four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles in on-road and off-road conditions (including Vehicle Recovery)

Format of Training:
• Theory training, followed by practical training on an accredited obstacle course – emphasis is placed on driving and recovering the vehicle in an environmentally considerate manner
• Assessment will include a written test, a structured interview and an observation of performance as per Unit Standard Requirements
• During the assessment, the assessor will collect a portfolio of evidence for each learner. The assessor will submit the portfolios of competent learners, to TETA in order to register them against the relevant unit standard and will collect their statement of results from TETA.
Learners that wish to complete SAQA U/S 254154 (Vehicle Recovery) must first complete the Unit Standard 254135 (Operating a 4WD vehicle).
One day Basic 4x4 Driver & Vehicle Recovery course
• Includes basic 4x4 driver theory training, practical driving and basic recovery principles. A Certificate of Attendance are handed out but no assessment is conducted.

Venue: Theory training in Midrand, Gauteng, practical training at De Wildt 4x4 course, Brits, North West Province. Training for individuals or groups can be offered at alternative venues, please contact us to discuss

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