African Snakes - Identification and Handling

8am - 12.30pm: Theory: Identification, snake bite prevention, treatment
2pm - 5pm: Handling: rinkhals, spitting cobra
5pm - 6.30pm: Handling: black mamba

NB: to attend the handling courses, it is compulsory to attend the half day theory course.

What to expect:
• Your safety is taken into account at all times
• It is compulsory to wear the protective gear issued for the course
• The half day theory course includes a light lunch followed by a test
• Delegates that past the test will receive a certificate of completion that can be forwarded to Wits for CPD points (medical doctors only)
• The course is recognised by the Field Guides Association of South Africa (FGASA)

What to bring:
• Note pad and pen
• Sunscreen for outdoor handling course
• Participants in the handling courses to wear long trousers and hiking boots or closed shoes

• Qualified herpetologist with a special interest in venomous snakes and mambas.
• Supplies venom to the South African Vaccine Producers for serum production
• Breed and supply captive bred reptiles for the international market.

Fourways, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Attendance is subject to completion of an indemnity form
Pricing is subject to change without notice

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